A Guide to Barbell and Labret Earrings

Shake Up Your Earrings Stacks for Spring

Mix and match, creative and unique earring stacks are going nowhere. Still a huge trend for spring and summer this year, it’s all about adding to your ears in the same way you add accessories to your outfit. But when it comes to ear party style, more is always merrier. And the best way to create a unique stacked earring look? Opt for single studs and one-off pieces to ensure each of your ear stacks looks that little bit different. And this is where barbell studs and labret earrings come into the mix.

As always, at Ania Haie, we have you covered with plenty of choice.


What Are Barbell Earrings?

Updated for spring/summer, our Ear Edit collection is a range designed with earring stacking in mind. And here, you’ll find plenty of single barbell studs. Barbell studs are simply a straight stud earring with a screwed bead at the back – rather than a traditional butterfly back. The way these studs are designed makes them perfect to wear in your usual lobe piercing but because of the bead back, they’re also ideal for wearing in your upper lobe, helix, conch and flat piercings, where you wouldn’t wear your classic butterfly studs. Which makes every earring super versatile.


What Are Labret Earrings?

Similarly, labret earrings are designed to be versatile, just like the barbell. Instead of a rounded bead at the back of the earring, with labret earrings, you’ll find a flat back, making them super comfortable in piercings other than your lobe.


Styling Our Barbell and Labrets? 

How will we be wearing our barbell and labret earrings this spring? We love an asymmetrical look when it comes to earring stacks, so we’ve designed this style of earrings individually, so you can really get creative when it comes to your pairings.

Adding in some subtle sparkle to any look, we’ll be incorporating our Stargazer Triple Diamond Labrets for everyday luxury or our Sparkle Cluster Climber Barbell to up the ante on chic sparkle details.

This season, it’s all about colour so keep this in mind when shopping for barbell earrings to piece into your stacks. Try our stunning Turquoise Cabochon Barbell for a bold pop of blue or the stunningly simple Kyoto Opal Marquise Barbell for the perfect touch of colourful iridescence. 

Want to try one earring for two piercings? Head to our Kyoto Opal Drop Chain Barbells or Celestial Drop Chain Barbells to add some on-trend chain detailing to your earring stack.

Play by your own rules when it comes to earring stacking this season and get to know the latest Ania Haie Ear Edit collection for all the inspo. Don’t have a complete row of piercings (yet)? Don’t worry, you can still get the full stack look by opting for ear cuffs instead. Simply slip on a few of our chic ear cuffs and you can build up a full stacked ear look without the full-time commitment.