Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Valentine, Galentine or a Gift for You This Feb

We’re on the approach to the most romantic day of the year and, as one of our favourite celebrations, we’re all about finding the perfect Valentine’s gift. Can you ever go wrong with the perfect piece of jewellery? The answer is – absolutely not! Jewellery says ‘I love you’ in all the right ways. So, whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect Valentine’s gift, a Galentine gift for your bestie or simply a V-day treat for yourself (and we totally encourage this kind of self-love!), the Ania Haie collections have you covered.


Gift Ideas

Need some extra inspo on what styles to look for your Valentines?


Opt for Classic Hearts

Heart jewellery is a classic that never fails for Valentine’s Day. And luckily, we have some stunning, on-trend heart-inspired pieces that are perfect for a Valentine’s gift. Opt for the ultimate in classic style with our Heart Pendant Necklace or adorn her ears with mother of pearl with our stunning Heart Studs.


Make it Special with Sparkle

Sparkle serves up a special piece of jewellery that they might not buy for themselves but will love to wear when dressing up. Our Sparkle Chain Interlock Necklace is the perfect shimmering alternative to their usual everyday chain or our Sparkle Locket Pendant is the ideal balance of simplicity and statement. You can never go wrong with sparkling earrings so why not try our Sparkle Dome Hoops if she loves a classic huggie style hoop?


Go All-Out with Some Luxury

If you’re planning to go all-out this Valentine’s, head straight to our 14kt Gold Collection for the ultimate in everyday luxury. From the perfect real Diamond Necklace to breathtaking beautiful White Sapphire and Pearl Earrings, this edit is all about extreme luxe style that you can wear with anything.

Tips on Choosing the Perfect Valentine’s Gift 

If you’re not sure where to start when choosing a gift for your beloved, our stylists have a few simple yet effective tips on selecting the perfect present for this loved-up occasion.


Pay Attention to What They Wear 

The best way to choose the perfect piece for your other half is to pay special attention to what they wear now. Do they prefer gold or silver? This is a great place to start. Do they tend to wear simple, delicate pieces or are they a fan of bold statement jewellery? Does their jewellery often have some colour or sparkle? Take a look the next time you see them and that should help you decide on the best styles for them.


Is Their Collection Missing Something?

While checking out their current jewellery, pay attention to anything they might be missing. Do they often wear lots of rings but don’t have many necklaces? This could be an ideal way to get them something truly special and unique.


Choose an Adjustable Piece to Get Sizing Just Right

Choosing bracelets and rings can be tricky when you’re not quite sure about the exact sizing. Make sure your loved one can slip their new piece of jewellery straight on by choosing an adjustable piece from our collections. The majority of our necklaces and bracelets have three adjustable sizes on the chain, making sure they can be worn shorter or longer, depending on their style. Our collection of adjustable rings come with open backs so you can guarantee the perfect fit every time.  

Discover your perfect Valentine’s or Galentine’s gift at Ania Haie and if you’re not 100% on style, simply opt for our E-Gift Card to allow them to choose something themselves!