Turquoise Jewellery: It’s All About Colour

How to Wear Turquoise Jewellery 

Colour is a serious trend for spring/summer ’21. From the runways to the high street, positivity and mood-boosting colours are bursting through the collections. And this is a trend we’re loving getting on board with.

One of our favourite colours of all time? Turquoise.

We just love to incorporate bright pops of authentic natural turquoise stones into lots of our collections in unique and modern ways. Not only is it a beautiful natural gemstone that makes any piece of jewellery that little bit more special, but it’s a statement colour that works with this season’s colour trend to perfection.

Why Turquoise?

Why are we all about turquoise? Turquoise stones are beautiful. But that’s not the only reason. This stunning, vibrant stone carries a wealth of symbolism and meaning. From tranquillity and protection to wisdom, the meaning behind a turquoise stone and turquoise, the colour, runs deep.

This makes it a favourite for jewellery – and also, for gifts.


What is turquoise? 

Turquoise is a mined mineral that naturally occurs as shades of vivid blues and greens. With a long history, turquoise has been mined all over the world for thousands of years in Asia, Africa and Europe.

As its popularity as a stunning yet durable gemstone grew, the English Language adopted the name as the colour of greenish-blue after the mineral.


Key Turquoise Pieces from The Collection

As we mentioned, we love to incorporate turquoise into our collections. And you’ll see that this gemstone pops up more than once so you have plenty to choose from when it comes to style options.

Turquoise jewellery in our Turning Tides collection includes anything from simple turquoise studs to on-trend big hoops. In the Hidden Gem collection, you’ll find stunning turquoise signet rings and beautiful chain necklaces. Meanwhile, discover dressy turquoise bracelets and bohemian-inspired turquoise hoops in the Mineral Glow collection.  

From sleek and minimal to statement and standout, turquoise jewellery can be perfect to suit every kind of style with just the right piece.


How to Style Your Turquoise Jewellery

Love a pop of colour but not too sure how to style your turquoise jewellery?

Opt for a Statement Piece

When it comes to adding colour to your jewellery collection, we’re a big fan of going for statement pieces. From our incredible Tidal Turquoise Crescent Earrings to our super-on-trend, chunky Tidal Turquoise Adjustable Signet Ring, why not opt for statement and let the piece speak for itself for envy-inducing style.

Stack It Up

Another way to incorporate some flashes of turquoise into your everyday looks is through a unique stack. Try adding our Tidal Turquoise Stud Earrings to any earring stack for an instant pop of bright colour or equally, add our Turquoise Claw Ring to a simple stack of bands for a unique twist.  

Are you as into turquoise jewellery as we are? If this unique and stunning style of jewellery is your thing, shop the Turning Tides, Mineral Glow and Hidden Gem collections on AniaHaie.com for our complete range of turquoise accented contemporary jewellery pieces. How will you be styling yours?