The Coin Trend & How to Wear It

Style Up Coins This Winter

Inspired by Greek history, mythology and ancient coins and medallions, coins are the only way to show off your style this season. They’re a chic and timeless way to play with trends. Plus, they’re originally said to bring luck and positive energy to the wearer. So, there’s always that too!

A key look throughout 2020, coins are retaining their cool come winter, this year. Whether you’re stacking them up for a layered look or wearing a statement oversized coin as your focus jewellery piece, add this jewellery trend to any casual or evening look this season.


Layers, Layers, Layers

2020’s take on the coin trend? If you’ve embraced coin necklaces before, this is the perfect time to bring them out of your jewellery collection and revive them for the winter season – or discover our Coins collection, packed with all things medallion! And yes, we’re talking multiples. Because for 2020, it’s all about layers.

Layering up your coin necklaces is a great way to create a more unique and personalised version of the trend just for you. Choose chains with an inch or two difference in length so that each coin pendant gets its own space to shine. And dare to layer up three or even four pieces for maximum impact.

Ready to level up your look?

Take your layering prowess up a notch and stack coin necklaces with chunky signet rings and coin hoop earrings. The more, the merrier is absolutely the vibe this season.


The Perfect Luxe Accessory for Evening

Coin jewellery pieces are perfect for every day and often worn as part of a more casual head to toe look. But don’t underestimate their luxe appeal come evening.

Instantly updating a simple evening outfit and giving it immediate trend points, a coin necklace or pair of drop earrings are the ideal way to add an edge to a smarter look to make sure your unique style is always at the top of the agenda. 

Think high neckline ‘90s LBDs, sultry black tailoring or a sleek, fitted turtleneck bodysuit. However you dress to impress, the coin trend is an effortlessly cool way to complete your evening attire. 


Add a Pop of Colour

One of our fave ways to make the coin trend your own is to add a pop of colour. To do this, we created our unmistakable Emperor pieces within our Gold Digger collection. Classic coin pendants, chunky rings, hoops and chain bracelets, each coin is finished with a pop of on-trend green enamel detailing. A chic finishing touch that makes all the difference. 

This antique-inspired trend is one of our favourites this season. You’ll find the Ania Haie team layering them up, mixing our metals and choosing both simple classics as well as oversized statement pieces. Shop pendant chain necklaces, hoops and drop earrings, cuffs and chunky rings and embrace the trend that has everyone showing off their coin stacks this winter.