Must-Have Huggie Hoops

How to Wear Our Hero Huggie Earrings This Season

The best things come in the smallest packages – especially when it comes to huggie hoop earrings. Huggie hoop earrings serve as the perfect in-between of studs and classic hoops. Small, subtle, perfect for stacking and a touch more edge than a simple stud. They also happen to be one of our favourite parts of designing a collection.

The perfect huggie hoops for the season ahead? We’d say, choose versatile huggies that you can wear again and again. But that doesn’t necessarily mean opting for ‘simple’. Because this season, it’s all about stacking, mixing and matching and going all out. And huggies are taking centre stage.

We’ve got plenty of huggie hoop earrings packed into our collections for you to choose from, but how best to style them?


It’s All About Stacks 

When you’re styling huggies, it’s all about stacks. And by that, we mean, stacking your huggies all the way up your ear. And the rules? Mix it up! Mix metals, colour and texture when building up a stacked huggie look.

Whether you prefer predominately gold or silver jewellery, add a pop of your lesser worn metal to add depth to any stack.


Add A Pop of Colour

Style your huggies with a fun pop of colour this season. From stunning forest green to sultry raven red, our Bright Future collection is filled with the perfect enamel huggies to add that pop of vibrancy to your style.

Opt for simple and sleek or double up the ‘extra’ vibes with a pair of sparkling enamel Carabiner Huggies.


Go Super Sleek

If minimal style gets you excited, you’ll love the latest contrasting trend of maximum minimalism. What’s it all about? Choose super sleek and minimal pieces and then stack them all the way up. Our Luxe Minimalism collection is packed with the perfect pieces for this look. Try our Luxe Huggie Hoops next to a pair of sleek Lobe Hook Studs and finish with a contrasting metal Luxe Ear Cuff.


Don’t Forget Sparkle

No sparkle is too much this time of year and a huggie stack isn’t complete without just a touch of shimmer! Try our Sparkle Huggie Hoops for modern sparkle or our Cluster Huggie Earrings for classic perfection.


Hoops on Hoops on Hoops

We love to create a graduated aesthetic with our huggies and this season, hoops are the only way to build this look. Using huggie hoops, mid-sized hoops and large or even extra-large hoops, stack from large on the lobe to smallest on the helix.

Starting with your huggies, why not pair our Spike Huggie Hoops with a pair of contrasting Sunbeam Emblem Huggie Hoop Earrings and then finish with our bold but simple Luxe Hoops, as your base.

If you don’t have all the piercings for a multi-hoop look, here’s a little secret – opt for a cuff, like our Luxe Ear Cuff, for the look without the hole.

Huggie earrings are a big contender for our most essential jewellery item this season. Helping to create a stacked earring look, the perfect pair of huggies add drama, edge and fun to your look while being versatile enough to wear for both day and night. Shop the latest Ania Haie collection of huggie hoop earrings for sleek and simple styles, pops of statement colour and plenty of sparkle.