How To Measure Your Ring Size

How to Measure Your Ring Size

Get the Perfect Fit First Time

When you treat yourself to a new piece of jewellery, you want to open the box, put it straight on and wear it that day. Right? So, the idea of our customers opening up a new Ania Haie ring and it not being the right fit first time just won’t do for us.  

It’s got to be perfect – the first time. So, to make this process easier than ever for you, we’ve created our easy to follow ring sizing guide.


Ring Sizes 

To get started, you will need to discover the UK letter of your ring size. If you know your ring size in European numbers or US numbers, you can easily translate this to the UK letter equivalent using the table linked here.


Measure an Existing Ring

The first thing you can try is to pull out a ring you already have that fits your finger perfectly. If you have this, simply head to our size guide page and print out the downloadable onto A4 paper. This piece of paper will include the size L to size P ring guide.

When you have this ring guide printed in the correct size, you can place your existing ring over the circle shapes to discover which best fits the inner circumference of your ring.

If you find that your ring is in between sizes, consider the thickness of your ring’s band. If you’re measuring with a ring with a thick band, opt for the larger of the two sizes. If you’re measuring with a ring with a thin band, choose the smaller of the two sizes.


Measure Your Finger

If you don’t have a ring that is the right fit for your finger, no worries. Instead, you’ll just need to measure your actual finger. And we’ve made this easier than ever to do.

Head back to our size guide page and again, you’ll need to print out the downloadable onto A4 paper. 

Next, cut out the sizer and add a slit where instructed to allow you to slide the right-hand side of the sizer through the left and create a ring shape.

From here, you can slip the sizer over your correct finger and tighten until you can see whether your finger is an L, M, N, O or P size – which will be closest to the slit you previously made.  

Make sure you don’t measure this too tightly and that the sizer can slide on and off your finger just as you’d want a ring to do.


Don’t Forget – There’s Always Adjustable Rings

While our ring sizing guide and print-out sizer should do the trick when working out your correct ring size, there are alternatives. Consider our wide selection of adjustable rings. Not only do our adjustable rings promise to fit – as you can adjust them discreetly yourself, you can choose which finger to fit them to. We recommend only adjusting the size of our adjustable rings once as re-shaping them continuously can weaken the metal.  

Discover your ring size in seconds with our quick and easy to use ring sizing guide and print-out. Use a ring you already have for instant sizing or print-out our sizer and calculate the right size for the finger you’re wishing to adorn in minutes. Perfect sizing, the first time.