How to Choose an Extra Special Luxe Gift

Explore our 14kt Gold Collection for Luxury Gifts

Sometimes, the best way to say ‘I love you’ is with the most beautiful piece of jewellery. This season for the holiday period, we’re all about showing our love and appreciation with the perfect luxe gift. And our 14kt Gold Collection is the place to shop for simply stunning, effortlessly chic and truly special jewellery that serves as the perfect gift. Crafted in 100% recycled solid 14kt gold, each piece in the collection is feminine, delicate and designed to sparkle. So, if you’re looking for that extra special gift this festive season, look no further.


Diamonds or Opals?

Take a quick look at our 14kt Gold Collection and you’ll discover we’ve designed our pieces with both real diamonds and incredible Australian opals – as well as white sapphires and pearls! But how to choose? The first thing to think about is your loved one’s overall style. What kind of jewellery do they tend to wear day-to-day? And have you noticed if they change up their style for going out in the evening? Think about whether you’ve seen them wear sparkle before. Or maybe they prefer jewellery with less shimmer? It’s all about choosing pieces they can easily incorporate into their own collections.

If they’re all about the shimmer and sparkle, choose a stunning real diamond piece for them this season that promises to leave them in love with their new piece. Our Magma Diamond Huggies are an irresistible new take on a simple mini hoop and our Magma Diamond Pendant is delicate, feminine and timeless.

If you’re not sure about diamonds for your loved one’s style, opt for an opal piece of jewellery from the collection. Opals have an incredibly unique look with an iridescent finish that reflects colour and makes the most perfect extra-special gift choice. Our celestial-inspired Opal and White Sapphire Star Necklace is super unique or try our matching stunning Opal and White  Sapphire Star Stud Earrings.


Sneak Peek Their Style 

As we’ve mentioned when it comes to sparkle, the best way to choose a jewellery gift for someone is to take some time to sneak a look at their current collection and style. Think about whether they tend to wear lots of rings. Or do they ever seem to be wearing a bracelet? Do they wear gold or silver exclusively? All these things will help you to choose the perfect special gift for someone.


Get the Size Right

Choosing rings is where jewellery shopping can get a little more complicated. And that comes down to sizing. While many of our Ania Haie rings are open-back and adjustable, in the 14kt Gold Collection, you’ll find full rings that require a size choice. Not too sure about the size? Head to our Ring Size Guide for more information and our sizing conversion table.

When you want to find the perfect extra-special gift for your loved one, you can’t go wrong with luxe jewellery. At Ania Haie, we’re all about designing beautiful pieces that ooze luxury style but are wearable for every day. So, here, you’ll find plenty of choice – no matter her style. Shop for that special gift this festive season with our newly updated 14kt Gold Collection.