How to Buy Jewellery for Someone Else

Top Tips For Choosing Jewellery Gifts 

Jewellery is a classic when it comes to gift-giving. Special, wearable and super thoughtful when chosen well, a piece of jewellery is the perfect way to say Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Merry Christmas or simply, I love you. But it’s not always easy to find the perfect piece of jewellery for a loved one. As we begin the fast approach to the holiday season, we wanted to serve up our top tips for choosing jewellery for someone else.


Get to Know Our Size Guide

When shopping for jewellery for someone else, one of the first things we consider is how to get the size right. This is most important for rings. So, to make this easier, we’ve created a size guide that you can quickly check. Complete with a downloadable print-out, you can gauge which of our 5 rings sizes will work best.


… Or Opt for Adjustable

Alternatively, if you want to surprise someone so you don’t want to check their ring size, opt for an adjustable ring that will work for everyone. Not only does an adjustable ring ensure it will fit perfectly on the day, but it also makes the piece more versatile as it can be adjusted to fit and wear on any finger.


Which Metal Do They Wear?

Remember to also take a look at what they usually wear in terms of jewellery metal. Are they always seen in only gold pieces? Or is silver more their style? It’s much safer to stick with what they wear on the regular to ensure their new pieces complement their other jewellery.


Consider Their Personal Style

When you’re scrolling through a collection of jewellery online, it can be easy to lose sight of your loved one’s personal style. Keep this in mind the whole time you’re searching for the perfect gift.

Do they dress simply and timelessly wearing mainly classic, staple clothing and jewellery? Or are they a fan of bright and bold colours? Do you often see them wearing statement items? Deciding this from the beginning will help you to narrow in on ideal pieces.

Always remember to shop with their style in mind, rather than yours. Of course, you always want to buy something for someone that you really love but it’s more important that they really love it.


Are They a Bracelet Person?

If you’re considering buying someone a bracelet as a gift, first think about whether you tend to see them wearing bracelets, in general. This tends to be a jewellery item that a person either wears all the time or not at all. If you don’t think they ever wear one, it might be safer to stick to a necklace or earrings that you know will suit their style.


Ask for Help!

If you’re struggling with the style of the piece of jewellery but you’re determined to get it just right, why not reach out for some help? Your loved one’s best friend is often a great place to start. Chances are, they know her style well and will be able to advise on your choice to give you the confidence to make your final decision.

Gift shopping doesn’t have to be difficult! Make it easier for yourself with our top shopping tips and discover the perfect piece of jewellery for your special someone from the latest collections by Ania Haie.