Get to Know Opal Jewellery

It’s All About Opals This Season

Everyone is talking about a certain precious stone this year – the opal. And if you don’t know much about opal jewellery, you’ve come to the right spot. A stunning natural gemstone that serves up a unique iridescence balancing a mystical aesthetic with ultimate luxury, opals are our new favourite stone. And they are the perfect accent in many of our 14kt Gold collection pieces.

Our first-ever solid gold collection needed the perfect stones to pair with white sapphires and natural diamonds. Which is why we designed several pieces with the unique and exquisite opal stone.

Opals are natural gemstones formed from silica-rich waters. Taking on many different shapes and colours, opals take a long time to form – millions of years, actually. Found mostly in Australia but also Brazil and Mexico, opals are formed when water running down the earth collects naturally occurring silica and then rests into the rock’s cracks. This leaves behind a residue that gradually and slowly forms into this precious gemstone.


Why Wear Opals? 

It’s not only the unique beauty of an opal stone and the precious formation that makes it a perfect choice for designing jewellery. Opals also hold many properties that make them such a popular choice. Carrying high vibrational energy, opals are known as a shield against negative energy and thoughts. They’re worn to encourage good karma as well as represent freedom, independence and creativity. They’re also said to be an emotional stabiliser, radiating calm and balance. 

Alongside opals healing and energy properties, they’re also the birthstone for October as well as representing the 14th anniversary of marriage. The perfect gift for so many occasions and loved ones.


A Little Slice of History

When did opals become popular? There is a rich history behind the precious opal stone, including stories from Ancient Rome. But they might be most famous for being a favourite of Mark Anthony and a regular gift for his love, Cleopatra. Queen Victoria was also known to love opals in many varieties.

Opal started to become slightly more mainstream with the emergence and popularity of Art Deco style jewellery and are now loved around the world as a beautiful and unique alternative to a classic diamond.


Types of Opals 

While there are many different types of opals, the most well-known are black and white opals. The white opal has a stunning translucent opalescence, which attracts and reveals different colours depending on the light. The black opal is perhaps more rare and black in colour, again revealing flashes of colour as the different light hits the stone.


How to Wear Opals 

We believe in everyday luxury. So, for us here at Ania Haie, we wanted to incorporate opals into our everyday luxury collections. Giving you a beautiful and indulgent piece of jewellery that styles with everything.

Switch out a classic diamond for a more modern and unique look with opal jewellery. Truly special, but wearable for every day, choose chic and simple pieces paired with a little sparkle, like our stunning Opal and White Sapphire Star Necklace or Stud Earrings.

Make a subtle and chic choice with a stunning but simple stud. Our Gold Opal Stud Earrings are the perfect touch of luxury. Stack your opals with simple chains and create a super luxe look by styling with some simple and sleek Smooth Huggie Hoops. A modern and effortlessly expensive-feeling luxury look for every day. 

The contemporary way to do luxury for 2022? Look to opal jewellery. Whether you’re creating a look for a special occasion or looking for the perfect touch of everyday luxe, opal accented pieces might be the perfect choice. Head straight to the brand-new 14kt Gold Collection at Ania Haie to discover your favourite opal piece.